A refreshing approach to medicine and healthcare advice.

Our staff, headed by Pharmacist & Proprietor Grant McGill, pride themselves on building relationships with our customers, and providing health and medicine information that is friendly approachable. Our focus is on your good health. 

We have a number of professional pharmacy services to assist you in managing your health. We are customer focused, are really care for the people in our local community. You can familiarise yourself with our full range of professional pharmacy services.

Our aim is to be a local destination for the people of Perth for CPAP and Sleep Apnoea Advice. 

One of our specialist areas is Sleep Apnoea and assisting people with CPAP (Constant Positive Airway Pressure) therapy. We offer an Overnight Sleep Study Service, that can help determine if Sleep Apnoea is behind your snoring, tiredness and poor sleep quality.

Other services we offer as a part of our Sleep Apnoea services include:

CPAP Trials

We offer a 4 week hire of a CPAP machine, mask and humidifer to allow you to trial CPAP therapy. We provide weekly face to face consults throughout your trial to ensure your CPAP journey is as smooth, comfortable and effective as possible.

CPAP Assist

A consultation service for existing CPAP users. We will clean and check all of your CPAP equipment as well as check how well your Sleep Apnoea symptoms are being managed. CPAP Sales and Support. Try our service, we believe you won't be disappointed.

Grant McGill, Pharmacist & owner of Kingsley Village Pharmacy is our resident Sleep Apnoea and CPAP advisor. For more information, feel free come in and have a chat with him, or contact us

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